Instructional Approach to the Language Courses

Frank Smith, instructor in Khmer Class

SEASSI's success over the past 35 years is based on the fact that the institute takes language instruction very seriously. SEASSI is committed to performance-based teaching in all four skill areas of language instruction (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and emphasizes a communicative approach to instruction. In other words, classroom activities are designed to quickly get students speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the target language as it is typically used in everyday life. Other modes of instruction, such as self-study guides and computerized or internet-based language learning modules are not able to help students achieve high levels of proficiency. Most language specialists agree that the instructional approach used at SEASSI is the best mechanism for obtaining high levels of proficiency in a second language.

For more information on the curriculum of the SEASSI language courses, go to the Language Courses page. Additionally, if you are interested in the instructional approach of the Heritage Language classes, please go to the SEASSI Heritage Program page.



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