Did you ever wonder about the sources of Khmer tradition? About just what Cambodians in Cambodia think, read and write about? Of course, a lot of these sources contain important clues about what it means to "be Khmer". But to understand them, you're going to have to learn to read Khmer.

That means hours of reciting "ka, kha" right? Luckily, there's another way. Yes, you need to learn the Khmer alphabet. But believe it or not, you already know a lot about written Khmer, since you know how to speak it. And that can be an incredible advantage in learning how to read...

At SEASSI, we know how to use your previous knowledge of Khmer language and culture, and all sorts of facts about your life as a Khmer American, to actually make this whole thing interesting. Even fun. Oh it'll be hard work, but in just eight weeks, you'll learn a lot more about where you come from--and where you can go--than you ever thought possible.

And you can learn all this in a pleasant, comfortable university environment, far away from the distractions of everyday life, with others like yourself, with caring and enthusiastic teachers, and the latest in computer, video and classroom resources...not just consonant and vowel charts and childrens' books.

Check out some of the information on these pages, and see what we have to offer you this summer. And feel free to e-mail Frank Smith, the Khmer Coordinator, for more information.

Finally, be sure to visit studykhmer.com for Extreme Khmer video podcast episodes, video archives of past SEASSI activities, and information on purchasing Khmer textbooks used at SEASSI.