Here you can see videos of Intermediate and Advanced SEASSI Lao language students (both native and non-native speakers) and their various classroom projects at past SEASSIs, plus look at examples of written student work.

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Student Newsletters

  • 2007 Lao Student Newsletter
  • 2008 Lao Student Newsletter
  • With help from their instructors (and input from the Beginning class), the 2007 and 2008 Lao Beginning and Intermediate classes put together impressive newsletters (in Lao) documenting the summer. You can see them by following the above links. The newsletters will open as PDF documents in a separate browser window.

    Student 'TV Commercial'

  • 2007 Lao Beer Commercial
  • As part of learning formal speaking style, Intermediate SEASSI Lao students design and record their own "TV Commercials. This one was done in 2007, and features the husband of one of the students as "the guy in the karaoke bar".

    Lao Student 2008 SEASSI "Culture Night" Performance

  • 2008 Lao Culture Night Skit (on YouTube)
  • Student Folk Tale Videos

  • 2006 Folk Tale Video on "Why Dogs Lift Their Legs When They Pee"
  • An oral version of this folk tale was studied by students, and they decided to make their own video version of it. You can listen to the original oral version by a master storyteller at; see link below.

  • 2007 Lao Student Performance of a Xiang Miang Episode
  • Follow the above off-site link, which will open in a separate browser window, to see Lao Intermediate and Beginning students perform an episode from the tales of the trickster character Xiang Miang at SEASSI Poetry Night 2007.

    Student Independent Study Project Documents

    As mentioned on the Curriculum page, 30% of your grade studying Lao at SEASSI will be based on your research, preparation and presentation of an independent study project on the topic of your choice, done completely in Lao, of course. This gives you a chance to improve your vocabulary and speaking and writing skills in Lao relevant to your specific area of interest.

    Students indicate their rough idea for a project by the end of Week Two at SEASSI. A formal written proposal detailing what you'll produce in the project, how your final oral presenation will be structured, and a timeline for completion of various stages of the work is due in Week Four. From weeks Four to Seven, you'll carry out the project. Finally, you'll give a 15-20 minute oral presentation on your work, completely in Lao, in Week Eight.

    Below are three examples of the written portion of students' independent study projects from SEASSI 2005. They'll open as PDF documents in a separate browser window.

  • Excerpt from a Student's Self-Illustrated Presentation of a Lao Folktale
  • Chart from a Student's Presentation on the Medical Condition Thalassemia
  • Excerpt from a Student's Presentation on Festivals Celebrated by Month in Laos
  • You can see a video of one student's entire independent study project presentation at

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